Monday, July 9, 2012

Two More Angels Playing at The Rainbow Bridge

On August 19th of last year, the Big Dogs, Huge Paws foster for "Maximus" and "Paylar", Shannon, contacted us to share the profiles for these two, huge angelic boys.  Maximus and Paylar were litter mates and best friends.  They had lived a life unfitting for any dog, let alone these gentle spirits, and finally got to know love and comfort with Shannon, who ended up keeping them as a "permanent foster" until they decided it was time to go. They had lived their lives before BDHPs and Shannon outside only, knowing only the elements and never knowing love, tenderness, or proper care, for the majority of their lives.

Three weeks and a day after Paylar's age and health made is such that it was time for him to leave this place, his brother joined him.  I am deeply touched by this story;  It is never anything short of heart-breaking beyond words when our best friends leave, but I am charmed by the "romance" these two true brothers had together.  They stuck together through the all the bad that got them rescued by BDHPs, and they found happiness together in their rescue and with their foster. 

No matter how devastating this news is of their passing, I am made to smile a little when I know that Paylar and Maximus did not have to spend too much time apart.  They are together again, kissing each other and taking walks. Their faces and their story of rescue and love was too great to merely place them on our "Rainbow Bridge" section alone.  I am so grateful that BDHPs and Shannon were able to give these boys even just 1 year of greatness.  Of love, care, food, and comfort.  One great year of insurmountable love and care *can* make up for the fact they had to wait so long for it.  I never had the fortune to meet these boys, but my love for this breed is so deep I nearly feel as though I personally know and love every single Great Pyrenees on this planet.

Maximus and Paylar got to understand first hand how it works: we cannot change the world for all dogs, but we can change the world for the ones we meet.  Senior giant breed dogs need special consideration and love, and without rescue they meet a dim fate in the shelter system. When we love them, we learn that one month.. one week.. even one day.. is a great one and worth having them.  I encourage all who read this to consider if they have room in their homes to adopt or foster senior animals.  For all their beauty, their dedication and their love of us, they so deeply deserve it in return, even if it's in their golden years.

I know right now Shannon's home seems empty, as Great Pyrenees bring such an amazing and gentle presence to wherever they are.  They are too great, too beautiful, to ever *truly* leave us, and I wouldn't be surprised if Shannon finds that she feels as though she has guardian angels looking over her.  They will guide her for the rest of her life, bringing her new dogs to foster and comforting her if she finds herself sad.  All we need to do is think on our pets who've gone beyond this place, and we find them by our sides, licking our faces and giving us their eternal "Why are you sad?  Don't be sad".  It's for them that we do it, and it's for them that we continue to open our hearts to new dogs:  They wouldn't have it any other way.

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