Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy July 4th to all the dog lovers out there! 

Remember that July 4th, unfortunately, is one of those holidays where many dogs escape and go missing.  Barbeques and parties yield doors frequently open or left ajar, and when you couple that with noise and fire crackers, our furry buddies tend to get upset and run. 

Keep your dog safe this holiday by ensuring all your guests understand a few key things:
  1. Watch the doors!  Be sure protocols are in place to ensure no pups will escape the back yard or the house.
  2. No barbeque!  Ensure your guests, and yourself after a beer or three, understands that our dogs bodies cannot adequately handle the introduction of foods they are not used to.  Have some of their 'normal' dog treats on hand if you are feeling generous, but do not pass your pups hotdogs, hamburgers, potato chips, etc.
  3. Be considerate of their fears!  Many dogs do not handle the noises associated with July 4th very well.  While in Colorado, no one should be using fireworks due to the fires, we know that isn't really the reality.  Unruly kids around the block are still likely to set off firecrackers, and we need to ensure our dogs are kept from these noises, if possible.  Perhaps a room in the house is their ideal retreat today, where you can play some classical music and put some snacks inside.  Offer them a safe haven if they are nervous today!
  4. Be aware of your dogs vaccination status!  We feel inclined to bring our dogs to these social gatherings, where they are likely to meet many other dogs.  If your dog is used to dog parks and the like, they are probably vaccinated against things like Kennel Cough (Bordetella) and perhaps Leptospirosis.  If you have a new puppy in the home who is under-vaccinated (under 16 weeks old), then please leave them at home.  It's tempting to let them socialize and meet all these new dogs on a holiday, but don't put your needs before theirs.
Happy Fourth!

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