Saturday, July 14, 2012

Yazhi (Ya-zee)- Available for Foster/Adoption

"Hi, everyone.  My name is Yazhi, which is Iroquois for "little one".  My mom adopted me when I was 6 months old, and now I'm 2 1/2.   My mom loves me *so much*.  I am so super sweet and cuddly, and I love giving kisses.  I have worked with a really good trainer (he used to train police doggies), and know sit, come, down, heel, and "load up" (to get in the car).  We've also worked on barking. I'm good on a leash and I am definitely a "people person"!  I love people and I love cats. I thought I didn't love other dogs, but I learned today that I do.  I'm super soft and dainty, I'm definitely a smaller girl!  I am suppose to be a Great Pyrenees, but my mom said the DNA test said I am a Pyr/Kuvasz mix.  My mom says I am a good off-leash dog when I go hiking!  I stay on the trail with her, and that definitely makes me special.

My mom hasn't had the easiest time with me, because I have been bullying some of the dogs in my life.  Sometimes I like them a whole bunch for days on end, but something happens and they make me mad and I have pinned them down.  My mom told Christie and Shannon that the dogs I meet are submissive dogs, and perhaps I am too alpha for them and for my mom, who struggles to be "alpha" over me.  My mom has many important other dogs in her life, and she doesn't want me to stay with her anymore because I am not always nice to them. She is worried we may all hurt each other.

Having heard this, the nice girls I met today took me to Ken's house so I can play with his doggies and I could show them what a good girl I really can be.  Ken's kids are all pretty "in charge", and I thought that was fine.  They didn't phase me at all, and I never got upset or angry at them.  I was such a good girl!  Even when the one girl growled and nipped at me, I took it in stride and I didn't hold a grudge.  I had fun hanging out with them today!
"This is me at 5 months old, when Dawn & Ken first rescued me!"

Because I am loved, I am spayed and up-to-date on shots and heartworm preventative.  Please let me know if you can foster me, or if you think you may be able to love me forever.  I was told that my real brother, that I came into the rescue with when I was 5 months old, lives with Shannon.  His name is "Cahota" and he is a sweet boy.  The lady who has my brother said she already loves me a lot, and she will do her best to find me a new home with doggies that I like, and that like me.
"This is my brother, Cahota, who lives with Shannon"
I think my ideal home is one where I have an alpha buddy to love me, play with me, and make sure that I stop being a bully.  I just need a confident home that helps me to understand where I fit in; I had no problem being submissive today!  I would love to live with someone who likes to go hiking, and who loves a best friend and wants to cuddle with me.  I am pretty sensitive to visual stimuli, so it needs to be either okay that I bark at squirrels and such, or you will need to be sure they don't taunt me all day!  I am so loving and sweet, and if you have a kitty I would love that, because I love kitties. If you have another dog, I just would like to meet him or her first to be sure we get along.  My mom is going to donate all my food and toys, so I will be ready to make your home my new home!"

If you think I sound like I might be a good fit for you and your family (either to foster or adopt), please email Shannon at

"I'm sad, because I think I heard someone say I needed to find a new home"

"I have so much love to give"

"I let everyone touch me all over, and I just wanted to cuddle!"

"Nice to meet you, Tucker!"

"The nice lady said she was holding onto me to be sure I was as sweet as I looked!"

"I didn't get mad at Annie for growling at me"

"My new friend, Annie, didn't like me at first.  It didn't bother me, and I won her over with my submissive nature today"

"I got along with my new friends just great today!"

"I love giving gentle kisses!"

"I am so soft and snuggly!"

"I just like to take things in!"

"Just hanging out, watching my other new dog friends"

"I'm a pretty mellow lady"

"I am so good in the car, and I jump right in!"

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