2012 Rescues

Intake - 7/3/12
Adopted - 7/10/12

Intake - 7/15/12
Adopted - 8/4/12

Intake - 7/26/12
Adopted- 10/12

Intake - 8/4/12
Adopted - 8/21/12

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  1. Love my Great Pyrenees. We rescued him from NC. Never knew that a large animal has so many emotions. He stayed at my wife's side till she got over an injury this past spring. He does "mind". He just does things on his own terms (LOL). He loves to walk!! Gets very excited to go outside! I WILL own another one when "Raylan" passes. I have owned two giant breeds prior to owning the pyrenees (Great Dane and Saint Bernard). To me the Great Pyrenees makes the best companion dog.


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