Saturday, July 14, 2012

Jerzee - Adopted!

Jerzee [now Bodhi]
 Jerzee and his PYRfect new family - Henry, Lane, and AJ the Golden Retriever!!

Henry, Lane, & AJ drove all the way down to Brighton, CO from Casper, WY and back in one day to meet and adopt our sweet Jerzee boy!  He is one lucky pup and will be enjoying a big grassy yard, his new playmate, and lots of grandchildren to play with!  Thank you so much Lane & Henry for giving this boy the life and attention he deserves!

Jerzee, now Bodhi, settling into his new home and bed!

Hi my name is Jerzee!  I am looking for a new home with someone who has the time for a little puppy guy like myself!  My family bought me when I was just an itty bitty fluff-ball from some store in the mall - they said I'm a Great Pyrenees, but I think I might have some Golden Retriever in me, which just means I might "listen" a little better than your average Pyr - who knows!  I'm not quite sure what happened but my daddy moved out and away to California for a new job and was suppose to take me with him, but I guess he couldn't find anywhere that allowed doggies my size.  Right now I am really skinny like only 61#, but I am going to be a pretty big guy when I'm all grown up!

My mommy has 3 human sons and 2 other smaller doggies that keep her very busy and she doesn't have time to take care of me anymore now that daddy is gone.

I get along with the other 2 small doggies I live with (they are only 10# each), and every time I see another doggie when we are out walking I am really, really nice.  I have never met a kitty before, so I don't know if I would like those things or not, but I tell you what...I really love all of them!  I have never been mean to anyone before - doggies or people!

I am still very much a puppy and I really need someone to tell me what I am and am not suppose to do because right now I sometimes like to chew on things (like your shoes - they are my favorite!) and I like to dig holes, but I just call them "yard art."  I really love to snuggle and cuddle and I'm kinda of giant and fluffy so I could be like your very own doggie pillow!  I like to give people hugs sometimes, but for the most part I am a pretty chill kinda guy and really just want to be with you and love you forever and ever and ever!

Mommy says she is really sad to see me go and that she wishes she had time to give me the time and attention that I deserve.  I told her that's okay, that the nice people at the rescue said they would make sure I went to the most PYRfect home possible!

Update - 7/15/12 - 3:00 PM

We just picked Jerzee up from his family around 12:30.  In the few hours that we have him, he has been an absolute ANGEL!  We took him to the dog park with another Pyr (in the small section of the park) to see how they interacted.  While we were there he was very curious about the dogs on the other side of the fence, so we let him go over and meet them.  He met several dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds and did absolutely wonderful with all of them.  It seems that he hasn't had a lot of human attention as he is a bit shy around people at first (even though he does fabulous with other dogs), but he has warmed up quite a bit and has found one of Reg's (my Pyr) little toys that he really likes and has been carrying it around with him.

He could definitely use a puppy training class as he doesn't really know much in the ways of "sit," "down," or "come."  If I had to guess, he would do just fine with kitties...he has no interest at all in squirrels or bunnies and is pretty calm in the house.  

He would definitely benefit from a playmate and an dog to look up to (he has been following Reg around and barking for play).  We think he would do fine with an alpha as he is pretty submissive himself.

We will post more later. :]

Jerzee and his Squeaky toy!

Jerzee and his buddy, Reg!

"My foster brother, Volker, is afraid of thunder storms and hides in the shower!  I'm not scared of them at all, but I'm so loving that I decided he shouldn't have to hide from them alone, so I joined him!"

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