Monday, July 30, 2012

Franklin - Adopted!

Arrived - 8/4/12
This is Me!!  Look how handsome I am!!
This is me with my new foster sisters!  This is basically what I do all day...just hang out! 
I am told that I have BEAUTIFUL eyes!  I'm not really an attention hog either, but my foster sisters are and I don't get mad at them at all for it.
I have some long legs!  But who doesn't like tall, dark (er, white), and handsome!? 

I really just like to chill out! :]
This sweet guy was in a pretty scary shelter about 4 hours south of Denver.  Most of the time dogs in that shelter rarely make it out, and Franklin only had a few days left when we heard about him.  A volunteer from another rescue was down at the shelter and saw this handsome face.  He was sitting behind those rusty bars, but as soon as he saw her smiling face, he just lit up!  His little tail started wagging (see blur in picture below) and his butt was wiggling as fast as it could.

This is me when I was still in the scary shelter! :[
That volunteer contacted us and asked us if we had room for this guy!  She didn't know much about him, not really even his gender at that point, just that he was a sweet boy and needed out of there!  We were able to find out that Franklin (as we named him after we found out his gender) was indeed a young male.
We named him Franklin after Missy Franklin, Colorado native, who won her first gold medal on the day we heard about him.

We were able to get Franklin out of there and into an awesome foster home yesterday, 8/4/12!!  He has an appointment with the vet this week for his exam and neuter surgery.  At first glance, we think he is about 1.5 - 2 years old and probably a Pyr/Akbash mix.  He has a shorter coat like an akbash, but those great Pyr eyes, nose, and ears.

This is me getting out of that scary place!!

Franklin's foster mom says that he is the most perfect boy ever!!  This is what she has to say about him:
I spent two hours at Wash Park with him and my other foster... He is as close to perfect as you could get... such a good looking boy too! I think he cannot be more than 1.5 yrs. Great with all dogs, kids, people... very chill and seems a little passive...whoever adopts this boy is going to be stoked!
Franklin is doing wonderfully in his new foster home!  He gets along great with everyone - people and dogs.  He is quite a bit underweight, only weighing about 70# right now, but his foster mom is working on "fattening him up"!  He is just an angel, and really a perfect pup!  He loves to go romp in the yard with his foster sisters, but doesn't beg for attention and would rather just"hang out" with everyone.  Whoever adopts Franklin won't be disappointed!

We love our rescue dogs so much, so we are letting Franklin feel a little stability in his new foster home, and get some healthy meals into his belly!  We are hoping he'll be ready to start meeting potential forever families soon!

If you would like to add this sweet angel to your family, please fill out our online adoption application

Sometimes I'm a silly boy...
This is my friend Pearl Bear giving me some love...she loves me a lot, but who couldn't?!
Sometimes she loves me SO MUCH she never leaves me alone, but I don't really seem to care :]
See, I told you I am a handsome, happy boy!
"It feels so nice to be out of that shelter!"

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