About Us

The Colorado Great Pyrenees Rescue was created in March of 2008 by founder & president Dawn Meaney, her husband & vice president Ken Meaney, and their daughter Brianna.  In December of 2010 Dawn passed away, leaving behind a legacy of over 500 dogs rescued and matched with loving homes.

With the dissolution of the rescue, remaining volunteers considered a way to continue her legacy and enhance the Great Pyrenees dog owner community.  We didn't want to leave all of our previous families who adopted with us behind, and we wanted to create a new family to ensure there was an outlet for education.  While dogs are saved by a physical rescue, they can also be saved through owner education and resources. 
 That is our goal--keeping dogs in homes by providing a place to gain insight and share with other Great Pyrenees dog owners.  This is why, following Dawn's passing, we created this blog site.

We no longer function in a rescue capacity as CGPR, but we are dedicated to highlighting other adoptable Pyrenees in need.

This is a site for all things Great Pyrenees! 

The health and behavior articles written on this blog are not written by a veterinarian!  These blogs are written by a certified veterinary nurse and Great Pyrenees owner, and are only intended to share that experience, insight, and information. Only a veterinarian should speak to the health and behavior of your animal.  Never use any outlet over the advice and guidance of your veterinarian: not "Dr. Google", a technician, friend, breeder, anyone.  Only your veterinarian can diagnose your animal!