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Maximus & Paylar- Available For Adoption Through Big Dogs, Huge Paws

Big Dogs, Huge Paws was kind enough to share our site with their Pyr fosters, so we can get more exposure for these gentle, giant angels!  These sweet boys need to go home together.  They are both special needs seniors.  Whenever I think of senior Pyrs, I always hope that dog lovers out there will consider the benefits of adopting older dogs.  Not only are their amazing personalities well established, whatever reward we seek to have by owning a dog from a puppy is replaced by the equal reward of knowing we are giving these dogs the amazing 'retirement' that they so deserve.  We never know how much time we have with even our youngest of dogs, and the joy a dog brings is not weighed in years, rather moments.  These two boys will undoubtably give their last forever home a million smiles, and they have a lot of life left to offer irreplaceable joy and memories.  For me, just looking at the pictures of these two gorgeous polar bears makes me smile.  I know if I met them in person I wouldn't be able to wipe the smile off of my face for a day! Below is an account of Maximus & Paylar from their current awesome foster mom.  I've also attached her flyer.  If you are interested, contact her or BDHPs!

"They are truly sweet, sweet boys.  When they got here they had spent the previous 9 years living in an outdoor dog run.  They weren't fixed or house-trained, and it took them a bit to adjust (when I had them inside during their first few days here they would whine and pace and stand at the door to go out).  Now they are happy to be inside and are happiest when close to their people.

They are strongly pair-bonded.  When we were working on house-training, I would limit their access to the rest of the house while I was gone by putting tables across doorways.  Once while I was at work one of the boys knocked down a table barrier and it landed partly across a dog bed, making it a bit wobbly like a teeter-totter on the floor.  One of the boys apparently crossed that table with no problem but the other one wouldn't cross it so he stayed behind in the dining room.  That meant that they could see each other but that they were separated by the 30inch width of the table.  Now, I have no idea if it happened 10 minutes after I left for a full day at work, or if it happened 10 minutes before I got home, or something in between, but when I got home and set the table back up and allowed the wayward child back into the dining room, the boys did this almost-frantic happy dance that seemed to say "I haven't been able to touch you in SOOOOO long!!!!!"  It was a hoot!

The vet that did their neuter surgery reported something similar.  She said that Maximus came out of surgery first and was put in one of the recovery pens.  Paylar came out a few minutes later and was put in the pen next door to Maximus, separated by a chain link fence.  When Max first opened his eyes, it seems that the first thing he did was look around to find his brother.   Seeing him in the next pen, Max hauled his anesthesia-impaired body up to the separating fence, and then he tried to climb it!  He simply wouldn't settle down until the techs moved his brother (still out cold) into the same pen with him.

It is for this reason that we will only place these boys together. 

I am continually amazed and impressed at the people who are willing to adopt senior or special needs dogs, but now I am looking for a very special forever home that will take on two, senior, special needs, dogs.  Both boys are on medication - it is inexpensive medication but it is still medication, and they both have some health issues.  Like I said in the flyer, they are looking for a retirement home.  They don't need a big yard (they seem quite content with my small yard), and they don't require long walks (30-45 mins is Max's limit), and barring thunderstorms and fireworks (for Max, not Paylar), they seem pretty bullet-proof (we've never had an issue with other dogs or kids of any age, even when one little 2yo girl at the park started swinging Max's tail like a pump handle he just looked at her like 'Do you have to do that?' and moved a step away).
Their web postings are not completely up-to-date (the write-up that I've attached is the most current), but here they are:

And if anyone wants to imagine something funny, just imagine 9yo senior-boy Maximus in agility class with a bunch of labs and border collies (courtesy of the ZoomRoom in Longmont, who offers free classes to all of our foster dogs - they deserve a shout-out if you can manage it).  The other dogs race up the A-frame or through the weave poles like their tails are on fire, and Maximus has to scrabble hard to pull his bulk up the incline or plod slowly through whatever event he is doing.  Like I said on the write-up, he will never win any time trials, but he seems to really enjoy the interaction.  And it provides endless entertainment to watch him do this!  Besides, I'm a firm believer in learning new things keeps you young."

From Their Flyer:
Maximus & Paylar are 9yo Great Pyrenees brothers looking for a retirement home.  They are littermates and have never been separated, so we are looking to place them together.  They are really great with other dogs and kids of all ages.  They have expressed mild curiosity about the resident cat at the vet office (no chasing), but they haven’t lived with cats before. They were surrendered due to no fault of their own.  Their owner fell on hard times, couldn’t afford medical care for these boys, and eventually lost his home, so he couldn’t keep the dogs. Both boys have health issues and require inexpensive medication.  Maximus (the first one below) has a thyroid condition and Paylar (on the bottom) suffers with megaesophagus.   Their medications have helped them tremendously and both boys are doing marvelously well.  You can see them on the Big Dogs, Huge Paws website at  Click on Available Dogs on the right and scroll down until you find Maximus and Paylar (about halfway down the list of available dogs).  On the website you can also find information about applying to adopt.

Please contact their foster mom, Shannon O’Brien, at 720.985.37.53, if you have any questions or want more information.

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