Friday, August 26, 2011

Success Story [BDHP] - Walker

Just look at that silly, happy, handsome face!  Walker sure looks to me to be a great spokesman for his breed!  It's hard to believe anyone ever gave up this gentle giant!  Below is a link to his BDHP profile and a note from his foster family!

"Walker is a very handsome, 2.5 year old, White, male Great Pyrenees. He has fully acclimated to his new indoor life and is not a barker at all now that he is allowed to be inside and part of the family. Walker is just a great big teddy bear who loves to be loved! He has a wonderful temperament and gets along well with other dogs, cats, and kids. He can't wait to find his forever family and promises to give back the love you show him tenfold! Walker is sportin his summer buzz cut right now but has a long gorgeous coat that will require regular grooming. He is trustworthy with free roam, loves his walks and getting attention from humans. He is praise motivated more than anything else and is constantly learning and improving on being an obedient dog. Walker is a laid back guy who loves relaxing and taking a nap in the shade or cool air conditioning!"

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