Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Note About Sam [looking for a home]!

Sam giving kisses at an adoption event

Pool time!

Sam is the sweetest boy ever!  He falls madly in love with every person he meets.  His big yellow eyes lock onto yours, and plead, "Love me.  Love me and never stop."  Sam is a bit insecure at first and needs a lot of positive reinforcement to boost his sensitive personality.  He likes to sit on the couch with you and doesn't have a clue what personal space means.  He is right there smack up against you wanting your undivided attention.  Sam will follow you from room to room, with his head at your hand while you walk up the stairs, or have his nose wiggled in-between you and counter while you are chopping up vegetables.  It is not unusual for Sam to stare at you through the glass door when you are taking a shower...and lay on your bed watching you while you are fixing your hair.  He wants to be with his human constantly.

Sam went to obedience class with his foster mom, in hopes of giving him more self confidence.  Sam was a star student!  Being that he is so in tune with his human, he follows commands with ease.  The only problem Sam had in class and with "homework" was to "sit" from a distance.  When given the sit command he would want to sit right on top of his foster mom's feet!  He loves to take walks and loves riding in the car as long as he can sit in the back seat and put his head on your shoulder.

Because of Sam's rough beginnings he is not too comfortable with being brushed.  Brushing must go slowly, and be accompanied by soothing, calm talking.  When he is brushed, he is beautiful.  Sam's full, soft beard is just as stunning as his yellow eyes.   

Young children make Sam a bit nervous, but he is fine with older children!

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