Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Naming Your Dog!

Here is a link to a fun site listing the most common dog names!  I think someone should come up with a list of names that are most common for Pyrs!  Pyrs always tend to have such large, powerful, dignified names!  However, I did meet a lot of Pyrs in the rescue days named fun things like 'Princess' and 'Fluffy'.

Some common names much more suitable for Pyrs have been Sampson (by far the most common!), Titan, Hercules, or Thor.  Surely any name conjuring images of great strength and beauty are befitting these huge angels!

This site also points out the value to naming our dogs something simple, preferrably with no more than 2 syllables.  My Cahota responds well to a shorter version.. whether "Coatsy" or simply "Coats".  I think there is  real reason that no matter how complex of a name we select, we still elect to find nicknames that are much shorter and simpler!

I always found it helpful, when trying to name new pets, to visit websites for human names.  Even more, visit a site specifically geared towards a heritage you like.  Looking up "Irish names", for instance, may yield a fantastic name for your new Irish Setter.  For Pyrs, I've looked up sites for French or Spanish names (since the Pyrenees Mountains border both countries) but have never been able to find anything I liked.  

Having worked in a vet clinic, I saw added value to unique pet names.  Not that anything is an excuse for a clinic to confuse your dog, but I recall once someone saying "go grab Duke".   To which I replied, "which Duke??"  And needless to say, if I pulled up the name "Duke" in our computer, I'd find about 100 results!

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