Saturday, August 13, 2011

Can you even recognize me??

We have already done a "success story" on Lilah, but we always get wonderful pictures from her family!  We got one today and just had to post pictures of her "trasformation".  This sweet girl is a completely different dog than the day she and her friend Samson arrived at the rescue.  She has put on almost 30 lbs. and is unrecognizable for those of us who saw her when she was only skin and bones!  It's crazy what a little love and good nutrition will do for a furbaby!

 66 lbs.
Intake Picture
86 lbs.
Living with foster Mommy Melissa
93 lbs.
Vet says she is now at the PYRfect weight, finally!
Good work Melissa!

If you have pictures of your Pyr's transformation and would like to show off your hard work and labor of love, email them to us at along with their story and we will get them posted!!

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