Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Paws & Give Event - Tuesday, August 30, 6 - 9PM

Join us for a Great Cause...
Stapleton Dog Park
Tuesday, August 30, 2011
6:00PM - 9:00PM 

Paws & Give is an initiative of of The One World Heart Project, a 501c3 dedicated to spreading the message of hope and inspiring positive change one person at a time.  Paws & Give brings together dogs and their people to support small non-profits with unmet, non-monetary needs.

They meet once a month at Stapleton Dog park and partner with 2 non-profits each month--one animal related, one "other."

This month's event will be supporting Peak Pet Pantry and Dolls for Daughters & Kenzi's Kidz
, so they will be collecting:
  • Dry Dog & Cat Food (open bags are welcome); and
  • Stocking Stuffers for Dolls for Daughters & Kenzi's Kidz's December toy shop for underprivileged kids
    • Ex:  yo-yos, playdoh, jacks, matchbox cars, crayons, puzzels, Rubiks cubes, silly puddy, etc.

Bring your dog for a fun play date and lend a helping paw in the process! 

Check Out Paws & Give's results from last month...
Non-profits for the month of July:
They collected dog food for P.A.W.S....

P.A.W.S. helps senior citizens, persons with disabilities, and those coping with life challenging illnesses keep their pets...because we all know that's usually when people need their fur-babies the most!

...and school supplies for the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless' Back to School Fair!

Collection Totals:
  • 180 notebooks
  • 126 boxes of crayons
  • 55 boxes of pencils
  • 47 various school supplies
  • OVER 200 lbs. of dog food!!

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