Monday, August 1, 2011

More About Sam...

We have placed so many profiles about Sam.. on this blog, on Petfinder.  Still, Sam searches for his forever home.  I love him so deeply; I almost don't want to spend too much time with him, because I know I cannot foster nor adopt him.  I just know he is the soul mate of someone out there.

Sam "sells" himself so poorly at times.  He grumbles at many dogs at adoption events, but only at certain times.  He's a strange one.  It's hard to really put your finger on what it is about other dogs that he doesn't like.  As you can see, he loves Mya and has loved many, many other dogs in the rescue.  I've almost drawn a correlation between the human and the "other" dog.  Whether it's jealousy or protectiveness, Sam isn't always 100% all of the time.  Are any of us?

I have a dog who is awesome *all of the time*.  But, she didn't spend her life in and out of rescue for 2 years.  If I had dogs who I think Sam would like, and I had room, I'd take him in an instant.  Why I'd be willing to deal with his *sometimes* snarly response to some dogs, and sometimes his growl at cats, is because of his heart.  This dog moves me.  He is so smart, so deep.  He really looks to love you and be by your side.  Sam would take a bullet for his owner.  When the day comes (hopefully sooner than later) that someone really wants him, we will ensure they mean "forever", because I've had about enough of people adopting Sam and returning him.

If you have a perfect dog, you are lucky.  Or, it's the result of your influence because you've had them since a puppy.  Rescue dogs can be a little different.  But, you work through it, and they eventually show their true selves.  If I gave back my Cahota with one growl at the cat (like others have done with Sam) I'd have given back Cahota ages ago.  We work through it.  I won't endanger my cats, but I'm not an idiot when it comes down to really understanding their motivations when growling or barking.

Sam isn't "forward".  I doubt that's a term trainers or behaviorists use, but he doesn't seek out things to be annoyed by.  He tends to respond while at your hip.  That has always made me think it was his protection side versus something harder to understand.  I've seen dogs who seem to be "forward" and lunge at things.. very assertive, alpha.  Sam isn't.  I swear, Sam just wants to get love, give love, and be happy. His unfortunate life in rescue (though his rescue life is good, but it's still not a "forever" home) I think has impacted his ability to feel stable outside of the safety of his fosters.

I just can't say enough great things about why someone should consider Sam.  He stole my heart ages ago, and I think of him all the time.  I am hoping that the only reason he hasn't found a home, is that no one deserving of him has come forward yet.  He's not pyrfect, but he's worth it.

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