Thursday, December 8, 2011

3 Great Pyrenees Need Urgent Help in Illinois!!

An Urgent Cross-posting, please forward to anyone you know in Great Pyrenees and/or large breed dog rescue who may operate in or near Illinois.  Also please forward to anyone you know who lives in in or near the state:

Transport help can be arranged. This girl needs a rescue committment asap. Please contact  if you can help. Please email me if you need help with transport.
Can any of you help to save this sweet girl and/or the other two that at this same shelter? They are scheduled to be PTS tomorrow morning, or Friday at the latest…
There are a total of THREE. Two pyr/saint mixes and then this little full pyr girl.
Anne Hecke is the contact and her email is:
She can try to assist with getting them to you if you can just SAVE THEM!

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