Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Available for Adoption: Bo & Azar need to be Re-homed

Bo and Suzy (Azar)!

Suzy (formerly Azar) and Bo have a new start to a happy ending -- Great Pyr Rescue of Montana is taking them, and they are on their way to MT after a few days with a foster in WY. EVERYONE who meets these two has fallen immediately in love -- from the transporter to the temp foster. While they are safe and sound with the rescue, they are still looking for their furever home!  Please contact Great Pyr Rescue of Montana!

Bo and Azar were adopted from the Steamboat Springs shelter earlier this year. The adopters have regretfully made the decision that they can no longer keep them due to an unexpected family hardship combined with the fact that the dogs have discovered how to jump the fence and resumed their old habit of chasing cars. They are willing to keep the dogs for a few weeks longer to search for a place for them to go, but if a rescue, foster, or new home is not found, they will need to surrender Bo and Azar to a local shelter.

These two gorgeous babies were rescued through an Anatolian Shepherd rescue, and someone was kind enough to share their story with us.  They looked at the pictures and recognized those amazing Pyr faces!  One theory is perhaps they are Pyr/Akbash mixes.  Below is a statement regarding these dogs from someone involved in their rescue!

"Here are the photos I took yesterday of these sweethearts. Will see if the shelter has any volunteers who could groom these two and try to take more pictures next week. I have a video that I will send separately as it was too large to include with the photos. The larger dog in the photos is Bo, the 5-yo male -- he had his tail tucked pretty much the whole time. The 3-yo female Azar has more color markings around her face/ears (gorgeous eyes) and her tail was up.

These are such loving dogs -- they are like Golden Retrievers on steroids! -- the sweet temperament in a larger package."

Here is what their Petfinder Profile says about them:
"Bo and Zara's owner said his wife turned them into pets and they didn't want to stay with the sheep so he was going to shoot them.  Thankfully, they contacted rescue first!

These two are very bonded and would do best if they could stay together.  Bo is 5, neutered, and current on shots.  He was hit by a car in the past and has some stiffness in one of his hips.  He can still more freely but you can tell it hurts.  Zara is 3, spayed, and current on shots.

Both are housebroken and walk on leash.  Both know basic commands, are friendly with people, have been raised with older kids, and are good with cats."

If anyone can take these two lovebugs and give them a wonderful home or foster them for NASRN, please let me know or contact NASRN directly. Be prepared for lots of sloppy wet kisses from these two!


  1. How tall of fence did you have them in? Did you have a lot of land for them? Also how much are you wanting for them? Also how actively do they chase cars?

    1. Thank you so much for your interest in the two beautiful babies. They are actually not in our care, we just cross-posted them to try and get them some more exposure so that they can find their forever home soon! They are currently with Great Pyr Rescue of Montana. If you click on the links in the post it will take you straight to their profiles on the rescue site. You can also find contact information for the rescue there as well.


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