Saturday, November 19, 2011

Meet Kenya!


Everyone, meet Kenya!  This sweet boy has had quite a rough time.  Kenya first came to CGPR last April (2010) and was very shy and fearful.  It seemed as though he had been through a lot, but we weren't sure what.  He went to a foster home who had him for 7 months; they told us that they planned to adopt him so we waited for their contract to come through.  They officially adopted Kenya in March of this year (2011) signing a contract stating that they would call us if anything ever came up where he needed to be returned.  Well, last night they dumped the poor guy at the shelter because he is too nervous in their home.  Ken went and picked him up this morning so that he wouldn't be euthanized.  As you all know, our rescue has been dissolved, so we are looking for a home for this sweet baby.

Kenya's Ideal Home:
Kenya would do best in a calm environment without children.  He needs someone that understands that something bad happened to him in his past (although we don't know what) and be willing to work with him on understanding that the world is a good place.  Kenya just wants someone to love him forever and not dump him at a shelter when he gets scared.  Kenya is about 3 years old and does well with both cats and dogs.

Animal Rescue of the Rockies graciously accepted Kenya into their rescue!  Click Here to see his profile and learn about their adoption process!

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