Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WANTED: Venue for a "Yappy Hour" Event!

We are looking for a venue (an indoor agility course, doggie day-care, or the like) that would be willing to host a "Yappy Hour" event!  If you are not familiar with Denver's Yappy Hour Meet-Up group, click here to check it out here!  Regan Han, one of our CGPR adopters/alum, is the Yappy Hour Coordinator and has offered to help us set up a fundraising event to help Ken & Bri raise the rest of the money for the half marathon they will be running in memory of Dawn!

Last weekend, they were able to raise about $650 at the Chili Cook-off (which turned out to be a fabulously fun time!), but they still have quite a ways to go!

The fundraiser would be something like $10 for coffee, tea, hot cocoa + human cookies & doggie cookies + play/socialization time for your pup!  We are also toying with the idea of doing Santa/Christmas pictures at one of these events, which we have previously done at PetSmart, with all proceeds going to Ken & Bri's fundraising.  I am by no means a "professional" photographer, but I enjoy photography and would take the pictures with my dSLR and then email out the pictures so you can print whichever ones you want.  Nothing is official yet though.

Soooo.....If you take your pups to one of these types of places, or know of one in your area who might be interested in hosting an event, please email us and let us know!  We would GREATLY appreciate any leads!

Also we would love to know if you might be interested in attending an event like this!

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