Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Success Story: Shasta

A wonderful woman named Linda Gotsch rescued a Great Pyrenees named Shasta.  Below is their story.  She also published a book about her beloved dog, which makes me tear up with just reading the title.  It's a true tribute to the power of rescue, and the amazing friends which can be found when we look to save lives.  All abandoned and neglected dogs deserve a second chance, and Great Pyrenees are gentle, angelic souls who change the lives of their owners, for the better, for forever. 

 "Shasta is the most loved and amazing dog that we have ever owned. It is almost as if he knows that we rescued him from a life of pain. When we first picked him up from the rescue organization he didn't know how to get into a car or go up stairs but he is very smart and quick to learn. Even now at 150 pounds, he puts his front feet up on the seat of the truck and expects us to lift up his back end. (Of course we comply!) As sweet as he is, he does have a mind of his own. He can become a "rock" that is impossible to move if he doesn't want to go somewhere or when it is time for a bath. He wiggles with joy when we talk about "going" anywhere.
        We have trained him to be a service dog for my husband who is disabled. He walks faithfully next to my husband and is a strong support when my husband's leg gives out. He also braces so my husband can use him to help him stand when he falls. He is also a registered Therapy Dog and visits Hospitals and Nursing homes where the people love to see him since he is right at wheelchair level.
        Even though he never pulls on the leash, he will take advantage of any opportunity to "explore" his world. We recently took him to an Oregon beach where he interpreted "Come!" as "Run away as fast as you can!". Fortunately, we were in a cove and he ran out of places to go. He loves to "cuddle" and sleeps between my husband and myself until he gets too hot and  starts panting which shakes the bed like an small earthquake. 
      These dogs are kind and gentle yet protective and strong when there is a threat. You can read Shasta's story in my book, "Shasta the Rescued Dog" and the book can be ordered through accentdigital@gmail.com. Once you own a dog like this, you will never want another breed!"

I noticed this book is also available on Amazon:  Buy On Amazon

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