Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Available Through Big Dogs, Huge Paws: Sam & Mya

Our beautiful dogs, Sam and Mya, have been taken under wing by Big Dogs, Huge Paws.  Formerly the last 2 dogs available through The Colorado Great Pyrenees Rescue, BDHPs has welcomed them into their home in order to find them their forever homes.  With CGPR no longer a functioning rescue, and having lost the momentum to find these two angels homes, their adoption will now go through BDHPs.

A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to everyone at Big Dogs, Huge Paws, for helping us plan a better future for Sam and Mya through their rescue.  With so many dogs out there who needs homes, it's no small thing for a rescue to take in more.  Everyone there was quick to reach out their resources and welcome these two kids in.  We feel blessed there was an organization in our area to help us in our final time of need.  Whoever adopts these two dogs will feel equally as blessed.

Please check out Big Dogs, Huge Paws to read more about Mya and/or Sam, or many of the other amazing, huge angels that need to find their forever homes.

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