Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Can You Help This Feller?

UPDATE:  Feller got adopted!  He is moving in with a family who is taking him to Nebraska to play on their farm!  Hooray, Feller!

This beautiful boy's name really is Feller!  He is a 1 1/2 year old Shepherd/Husky mix..  which is why he's so very handsome.  A CGPR adopter reached out to us about Feller, as her sister's father-in-law who owns him can no longer care for him.   His current dad got him at 8 weeks old, and knew the 'parents'.  A Vietnam Vet, he is dealing with ailing health and feels Feller needs a new family.   He is good with both kids and other dogs, and he is untested with cats.

He has jumped his dad's 3 ft fence several times so he would need a fenced yard of larger height, or someone willing to leash walk him.  He is housebroken and kind.  Feller didn't receive any training, so upon meeting him you may consider "puppy training" classes.    

Feller's ideal home is one where he has another dog to play with, or a lot of play offered by the family.  He is young, so still a puppy in a lot of ways, so needs a family willing to put puppy training time into him, of course minus house training. 

He is currently in Cannon City, and the current family will arrange transport for him down to the Denver area (or other close areas) for you to meet him.  He does need to find his new home right now, but no one is letting this Feller go to a shelter, so we'll make something work.  We may network him (are you interested?) into a foster home in the Denver area so he can meet more potential new families too.


  1. He is beautiful. Do you adopt to idaho?

  2. Feller's re-homing is being done through his current family, no rescue affiliation. They may be open minded to transporting him if the perfect home is discovered! If you are interested, email your contact information and some specifics about where you life & your dog experience to coloradopyr@gmail.com and we will share it with Feller's family :)


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