Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Success Story - Kyler

Formerly "Lucy C"

"Kyler's favorite thing in the world in "puppy camp" (she goes to Pet Peeves Doggie Daycare twice a week), tied for first is snow - anything that has to do with snow, 2nd is bones and "pawing" me so that I will pet her 24/7, a close third is digging - so much so that I had to give her her own sandbox in my backyard to keep my yard from looking like the Grand Canyon!  She now digs and digs in her sandbox.  She loves everyone, is incredibly affectionate, and is so good with my little dog Howie!  I absolutely could not have asked for a better dog!  I will be eternally grateful to CGPR!"
- Mara K. (Kyler's mommy)

Kyler enjoying her favorite thing!!
November 2011

10 weeks old
 Adopted October 2009

Kyler and her litter mates!

First snow EVER!

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