Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Poem about Pyrs

Peter Goertz

I revere the natural things
Deep green forest, high mountain springs
But it's the living things on earth I love the most
Far better than a glass of water, napkin or toast

Now God got it right when He said "Let there be dog."
Because he became man's best friend, not elk, cow or frog

And when God told Noah, "Put them all in the ark"
It was dog that got the job to keep watch and bark

Now that one special breed from the days of the Ark
Can still be seen around town, at the beach or a park
They're big and they're white and they're nobody's fool
They can melt you with their eyes, and soak your pants with their drool

They're as strong as an ox, but their demeanor is mild
They can guard a whole herd, or protect just one child

God has given them a strong character and beauty, you know
They can do dog multitask, even win a dog show

I must admit there's a trait I've never understood
If you let them off the leash they may be gone for good

They're very affectionate, yet can be quite aloof
You know them by the sound they make:  woof, woof, woof
So let's thank the French for the wine and cheese
But let's thank them most for the Great Pyrenees!

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