Thursday, December 22, 2011

Snow Days!

There is nothing more beautiful than a Pyr playing in snow!  
Send us pictures of your baby enjoying this snow day and we will get them posted on here!  

You can either email them to us or post them to our Facebook wall!

Enjoying the snow in the yard!
Photo submitted by Julie Parker

Tyler playing in the snow!
Adopted October 2010
Photo submitted by Alena Carr

Georgie & Tyler
Georgie Adopted November 2009
Photo submitted by Alena Carr

Reg enjoying his morning walk!
Adopted September 2010
Photo submitted by Christie Cotter

Kyler (formerly Lucy C) exploring her FIRST snow!
Adopted October of 2009
Photo submitted by Mara Kominek

Kyler 2 years later still loving the white stuff!

Cahota (formerly Tuffy) with half-pictured brother Aleck
Adopted 2010
Photo submitted by Shannon Murphy

Junior playing in the snow!
Adopted February 2011
Photos submitted by Alicia Roberts

Sweet boy wore himself out playing!

Newman (formerly Merlin) loving the snow!
Adopted May 2009
Photo submitted by Kelly Hernandez

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