Monday, September 12, 2011

Sam & Mya: Gartrell Pet Smart Adoption Event

Christie, Shannon (me), Nikki  (Nikki Adopted Ellie: her success story) and Ken braved the shocking heat and sun yesterday, and took our Sam & Mya to Pet Smart for an adoption event.  The turnout wasn't great, and sadly no one was interested in Sam or Mya.  As most know, these are the last dogs we need to find homes for before the Colorado Great Pyrenees Rescue can officially say it has written the last paragraph in it's book of amazing dog rescue. While it will be emotional to see the last 2 go, they both deserve a forever home and have been waiting just too darn long.  Sam and Mya are both fostered together in Brighton; email us if you would like to meet them!

"Hey, who's the cute lab over there?", Sam thought...
 People always think Pyrs hate the heat..  Mya refused the shade all day so she could flirt!
 That is my hand.. trying to explain to Sam that I can hug him without him crawling into my mouth!
 Mya on a stroll.. doing fantastic with all the new dogs and people she met!
 Christie and I both needed a break from the sun too!
 Pet Smart asked Ken if the dogs would like a pool to wade in.. he said "Yes" but it would make for an interesting ride in the car home!
 "Is my new family here yet?"

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