Sunday, September 4, 2011

Our Friend the Akbash

You've noticed we have been reaching out and posting blogs on some of our Akbash cousins in need of forever homes and/or fosters!  In the past, we saw many Akbash come through Pyr rescue.  Often, people think "Oh, that's a Pyr mix, right?"  We hear theories of Pyrs mixed with Goldens, or Labs.. but really they may be a gorgeous breed all their own.. The Akbash!  Like our Pyrs, they are white dogs with colored accents, also bred to be livestock guardians.  To read more about this amazing dog, see the link below to ADAA, The Akbash Dog Association of America!

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  1. We recently adopted what we thought was an Labrador retriever, but it turns out it is an Akbash. It makes sense now as she did not know what a dogbed was, toys or playing with our other Lab puppy. She is very sweet and loving but I can see she needs a farm to run on, not a suburban house with little land. What shall I do to get her adopted out to a farm. Ellen Alexander.


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