Monday, September 12, 2011

Sugar: Available For Adoption Through Big Dogs, Huge Paws

Sugar is a beautiful, 4 year old, White, female Great Pyrenees. She is a beautiful, shiny coat and is so soft! She is incredibly friendly, very devoted to her people, and as sweet as her name implies. While Sugar is independent and can be stubborn at times like most Pyrs, she also adores human attention and would love a family who is home more often than not to give her lots of love and affection. She gets along well with some dogs(prefers to be the boss), most cats, and all kids. She is house trained, crate trained(loves her crate!), and is a very smart girl who knows sit, stay, down, heel, and come. Sugar would thrive in a structured home with a strong leader and would do best in a more rural environment or at least one with understanding neighbors and a big yard due to her guardian instincts and desire to bark and patrol her property.  She successfully underwent two knee surgeries due to luxating patellas. She has fully recovered but will always have a goofy gait which is just part of her charm!  More on Luxating Patellas

 If you are interested in Sugar, please go to her BDHPs profile, and contact Big Dogs, Huge Paws!

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