Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wanted: Someone to Foster Me and Help Save My Life!

This is a beautiful boy who was dropped off at a shelter that is at capacity. They listed him as a Great Pyrenees Mix originally, but we know Akbash are often miscategorized!  I can just tell there is something special about this boy! The Akbash Rescue is trying to save him, but they need a foster home for him!  If something about that amazing face strikes a cord in your heart, contact : or CALL Janet Davis, Akash Rescue Coordinator - 510-410-0149 asap.

More on his fella' from those who've met him:
Here is another Akbash who showed up at the pound.  He is a beautiful boy and a great dog.  I know Janet's rescue is full, but thought I would send him along in case you might have an idea or two where I could send his pictures and information - hoping to save him.  Don't know if you have looked at the pound's website recently, but it is over full.  Not good.
This is a beautiful dog who appears to be an Akbash rather than a Great Pyrenees.  He is calm and quiet, both in the cage and out of it.  He walks well on leash, and enjoys going for a walk.  He met 2 men and 3 women today and liked all of us.  He also met several other dogs and liked all of them.  He makes good, non-threatening eye contact and enjoys pets and attention.  He is estimated to be about 26-28” tall, and his weight is approximately 100-120#.  He is a surrender, but there is no surrender form for him.  He is neutered and makes good, non-threatening eye contact

He is just coming three, neutered, good with kids and other dogs. Not been around cats that they know of.  Was never inside but I am sure that would not be a problem. I guess he is very mellow and sweet.

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