Sunday, September 18, 2011

Success Story [BDHP] - Maitraya

Maitraya found his PYRfect forever home yesterday!  While he was adopted through BDHP, it was actually one of our CGPR "alum" who adopted him!!  Congrats on your new home big boy!

From his foster mom:
Maitraya's  family moved out of his home and left him there, in the back yard, tied to a tree. The neighbors fed him over the fence for over a month. He was then adopted by another family, who had to downsize and back into a foster home he went.  This story was told to me by his previous owners as well as a good samaritan that I met at the Fido Fest in Castle Rock this past weekend. Evidently, the kind person and his friend used to visit Maitraya daily and recognized the heart shaped scar on our fuzzy buddy's nose. Maitraya immediately recognized them, walked straight over to them, and leaned on them.
He is super gentle and loves his stuffed animals. He lays with them and places them with care in his bed. He is crate trained, but trusted with free roam, and knows basic commands. He's incredible on a leash and is house trained. He truly would do well in a family with another dog as being alone is a little tough for him.  He does great staying home with another dog. He likes men and women equally and he has been exposed to a cat and is gentle with him. He really wants to be near his people, but also values his time on the deck enjoying the day.

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