Tuesday, September 13, 2011

In Memory of Dawn...

Many of you know that our founder and president, Dawn Meaney, passed away last year, but what you may not know that is on top of all of all the wonderful work she did for our Pyrs she suffered from Chron's disease for many years. Chron's and Colitis are two chronic and often debilitating digestive diseases that impact 1.4 million Americans; people of all ages are diagnosed daily. No, their research efforts are not as well known as those for cancer research, but these are two very painful and often socially awkward conditions.

In an effort to honor Dawn, and for all who have been diagnosed with this disease, Ken and Brianna (Dawn's husband and daughter who many of you all know) will be running the Vegas 1/2 Marathon on December 4th with Team Challenge!  Team Challenge is the Chron's & Colitis Foundation of America's endurance training and fundraising program.  

Ken and Brianna are trying to raise $6000 by the end of November.  No donation is too big or too small, and they are all 100% tax deductible!  Please also keep in mind that many corporations have matching programs and will match any donation you provide--it's an easy way to double your contribution!  

A minimum of 75% of the monies raised stay in-state for local research.

If you are unable to make a donation, please let others know about Ken and Brianna's fundraising efforts by sharing their fundraising link:  http://www.active.com/donate/RM11TCVEGAS/DenverBKenMe

For more information on the cause or disease, 

Thank you so much in advance for your consideration in supporting Ken and Brianna in their efforts to honor Dawn through this cause!

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