Thursday, June 30, 2011

Success Story - Miss Ellie Mae

Who Remembers our sweet Breast Cancer survivor?
Miss Ellie Mae
Formerly "Misty"
Current (6/30/2011)
 Ellie with her brother Rocky
Ellie and Rocky

Miss Ellie Mae is doing GREAT and we are loving life with her by our side!  She and Rocky have become best buddies.  Ellie loves finding small spots to snuggle in to in the apartment and she and Rocky love going on walks together.  She *loves* getting brushed every Sunday and always stay close by my side, no matter where we are.  She loves going for rides in the car and is the first to greet visitors at the apartment.  
-Niki Herrera
Before (7/1/2010)
When poor Misty came to the rescue she had the WORST ear infections the vet had ever seen...bloody discharge coming from both ears...which lead to her hearing loss.  Not only that, but the poor girl had breast cancer! Two mastectomies later she was cancer free, but still needed a home.  After 7 months in rescue, Misty, now Ellie Mae, found a wonderful home with her new mommy and brother, Niki & Rocky.

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  1. so glad to read Misty's (Ellie Mae) story. Sounds like the she had the same problems as my Sheena. Thankfully Sheena's ear infections weren't as severe, no hearing we just have to get through the surgery for breast cancer this morning and start healing!


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