Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Success Story - Kyna & Fallon

Kyna & Fallon
Formerly "Stormy" & "Callie"

Kyna (formerly Stormy) has come a LONG way since we brought her home a year and a half ago.  When she first became part of our family, she was so nervous, shy, & scared.  Her tail was constantly between her legs and she hunkered down anytime anyone came near her.  Now she holds her tail high and thinks she's a lap dog.  Kyna has loads of energy and wants to run and play a LOT!

Fallon (formerly Callie) is still the mellow, love sponge we brought home.  She would be perfectly happy to plop down next to me and have me rub her stomach forever.  Fallon really does love getting love and attention (and doggie cookies.)  We did have some troublesome medical issues for the first several months after we brought her home.  Recurring and massive ear infections drug her down; which we figured out were caused by a food allergy.  For many months we fought with getting it cleared up and after many tests, trials, and medications it's all good.

Both Kyna and Fallon love attention and thinking going for walks is the next best thing to doggie biscuits.  They're always on the hunt for the next great smell!  We've taken them camping with us, and they seem to enjoy that as much as we do.  Although, the don't seem particularly keen to sleep on their beds, and much prefer sleeping with us.  It can get quite crowded on a queen sized air mattress with two big dogs!

Again, thanks so much for all you do for the dogs in need of care and hope.

-Ruth Covington
Kyna Before (8/25/2009)
Fallon Before (3/23/2009)

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