Saturday, June 25, 2011

Join team "PYRfect Paws" TOMORROW for the MaxFund's Lucky Mutt Strut!

We are at it again!  Rallying together for a cause!  If you missed us at the Furry Scurry, no worries, we will be doing a few similar events this summer!

This time it is for the MaxFund's 15th Annual Lucky Mutt Strut!  This is like a smaller scale version of the Furry Scurry!

About the Event:
  • 2 mile walk for animal owners and lovers alike
  • Celebrates MaxFund - Denver's NO KILL Shelter
  • Raises money for the fur-kids of MaxFund
  • A fun afternoon picnicking and meeting friends, old and new!
  • Rock Bottom Brewery is one of the sponsors, which means BEER + BURGERS (yumm!)
  • If you didn't get to pre-register, DAY-OF REGISTRATION starts at 7:30AM

"PYRfect Paws" Meeting Time and Location:
  • 8:30 AM (the walk starts at 9AM--this will give us time to socialize and get some good pics of you and your pup)
  • At the HUGE white registration tent located just west of Franklin and Mississippi near the southern lake at Wash Park!
If you are planing on coming and walking with us, email us at so we can be looking out for you and don't leave you behind!

Invite anyone you'd like to join us...they don't have to have a Pyr (or even a dog)!  We hope to see you there!

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