Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Success Story - Klondike

Klondike #1

This is our dog Klondike! He was a "senior" when we adopted him, but he does not act like it. His brother, Big, is sleeping on his back in the first pic, and the others are our boys, who adore him. He's the most adorable dog, his personality is so gentle and sweet. He does what we call the "Wild Rumpus" where he races around the table, down the hall, and back again, crashing into furniture and knocking kids down like bowling balls. It's so funny. Can't imagine life without him.
Thanks for all you do!
-Alex Jones

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  1. Awww.. he's a gorgeous dog and I love the name! We too had a "Klondike". He was a yellow lab and we named him Klondike after two polar bear cubs we saw on tv. Sadly we had to put our dog down almost 2 years ago now (April 5th) and are looking for another dog to join our family. Our kids love dogs.


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