Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Success Story - Blake

Formerly "Godrick"
Blake and his new mommy, Kim!

I adopted Blake in November of 2009.  I had just moved to Colorado and was dead set on adopting a golden retriever.  Then I met Dawn at an adoption event at PetSmart... I didn't know much about pyrs at the time, but in the days after I met her she stuck in my mind, along with the dogs. I went back to see her and the dogs again at her house and was so impressed with how passionate both her and Ken were about the rescue.  I was interested in a different female, but Dawn insisted Blake was the perfect dog for me and she was 100% right.  I agreed to foster him and the 1st weekend I had him, he managed to get out the door and run away. Of course I chased after him and eventually lost sight of him, going back home in tears. I walked in the front door, which I had left wide open, and there he was just sitting on the stairs smiling at me.  He was just testing me...the next day, I let Dawn know I was going to adopt him.

I can't even begin to say how much Blake has changed my life for the better.  Every morning, I wake up and am so grateful for him. Just seeing his face fills my heart with love.  Everywhere we go, people stop and say what an amazing dog he is and I'm really not sure how I got so lucky!  I am forever indebted to Dawn and Ken for saving him and choosing me for his forever home.
-Kim Weinstein

Before (9/30/2009)

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