Monday, June 27, 2011

Success Story - Reg

Formerly "Reggie B."

I originally started fostering Reg in September of last year (2010).  I wanted to see if getting another dog would help bring my other pup, Reese, out of her shell a bit.  Reese was used as a bait dog for dog fighting and terribly abused and terrified of everything to the point where she would have stress-induced colitis flare ups when I wasn't home because the upstairs neighbors would get loud.  

I met Dawn at an adoption event one weekend when I was getting Reese food and met some of the pups needing homes, but I didn't find a match.  The next day I went up to the rescue and met lots more doggies, but fell in love with Reg!  

Ken brought Reg to my apartment the next weekend to see how he and Reese got along.  Reg learned quickly not to touch Reese's treats, but other than that they love each other.  Reg had been with Reese and me for about a month before we realized he wasn't going anywhere, he had found his forever home with us!  It's been almost a year and we all couldn't be happier.  Reese hasn't had a single colitis flare up since Reg has been with us!  She loves her big brother and protector! 

I am truly so grateful for Dawn and Ken for rescuing this sweet boy and bringing him into my life! 
- Christie Cotter

The day I met and fell in love with Reg

Before (9/4/2010)

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