Monday, June 27, 2011

WANTED: My very own Home and Person to call Mine FURever!


Huey is a smaller, Pyr-mix.  We aren't sure what he is mixed with, we just say "cute".  He has big floppy ears, and the softest fur you have ever felt!

Huey came to the rescue as a puppy in July of 2009 with his brothers, Duey and Luey, when they were just 8 weeks old!  This sweet boy has been in and out of rescue for literally his entire 2 year life.  He first went to a home where he kept escaping.  He ended up in the pound and eventually made his way back to the rescue when his new "family" didn't want him anymore.  Huey has tried to go and live with a couple of different families who have small children, but they make him really nervous being so close to his face and cause him to nip, so it really wasn't the best environment for either him or the children.

Initially, Huey didn't like some doggies, and really didn't love going to adoption events.  After some adjustment time and proper introductions, he LOVED playing with dogs at the rescue, and now he is almost PYRfect at adoption events!  He has a bit more energy than the typical Pyr and likes to play with toys, and with the right match he may even enjoy a home with a doggie friend he could play with!

Huey's current foster mom says he is quite the angel!  She has a 6 foot fence and he has never tried to escape at all!  He doesn't have any destructive behavior and walks well on a leash with a harness and a halti.

Huey's Ideal Home:
Someone who is looking for a buddy to take on walks, cuddle on the couch, and play with him in the back yard for a little bit!  Huey loves treats and belly rubs and will give you the love you give him ten-fold.  He really needs to go to a home with a fenced back yard so he has somewhere to run and play OR to a more active family.  Since children make him nervous and insecure, he would do best in a home without them.

Baby Huey at 8 weeks old
PetSmart adoption event
Sweet boy!

If you are interested in making Huey part of your family FURever, please email us and let us know!  He would love to meet you!

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  1. Whoever adopts Huey had better be prepared to be stopped all the time and asked about him! He is soooooo handsome!


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