Friday, June 24, 2011

WANTED: Someone to Love me FURever!


Sam came to us in March of 2009--He has been in and out of rescue for over 2 years, which is the majority of his life (he will turn 3 in August). He and his brother were originally found on a river in Oklahoma, they were both terribly underweight and covered with ticks and fleas.

He thought that he was a lucky boy when he found a family, but after almost a year with his new family, they got a divorce and no one wanted him anymore (sadly the case with a lot of our babies), so he was returned to us. He was adopted for a second time in December of last year (2010) but growled at a kitty and they returned him the next day without giving him a second chance.

A combination of his being in and out of homes along and him being in the rescue for so long has made him a bit insecure, especially in different or over-stimulating situations. But we can definitely say that he has come leaps and bounds this past year. For example, when we used to hold adoption events at PetSmart he would growl at some dogs (due to his insecurity), but was always very responsive to correction...the past few months he has been almost PYRfect at events.

At home, he is SUCH a lovebug!—wants to follow you around, snuggle, and give kisses (not a typical Pyr trait). He can sometimes get jealous if you stop petting him to pet another dog, but again is very responsive to correction. He is a smart boy and looks to you for guidance.

At the rescue, he plays with a few different dogs, but sometimes he meets some that he doesn't like. His best friend at the rescue is Mya, and they would like to go home together, but can be adopted separately if they find wonderful homes apart! See him and Mya playing in their video below.

Sam is a really great boy, is good on a leash, and doesn't have any destructive traits.

Sam's Ideal Home:
A place where he gets along with the other animals (if you have any, we can do a meet and greet) and he gets the attention he so deserves. He would love nothing more than to be by your side and snuggle with you. He would be a fabulous movie watching partner and may even share the couch with you! Sam gets a little nervous around babies or toddlers (so a home with them wouldn't be the best), but he is fine with older children! Sam needs someone with patience who can spend time helping him build confidence so he doesn't feel so insecure.

At this point, he is truly just looking for a soft place to lay his head at night, somewhere to call home FURever, and someone to love him and give him pets and cookie

Sam also needs a foster homeso if you are interested in either fostering or adopting Sam, please email us and let us know!

Sam and Mya playing!

Sam LOVES to give snuggles and kisses!

More nose nuzzles from Sam!

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