Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Success Story - Daisey

Formerly "Daisey B"
Current (3/23/2011)

Hi all its me, Miss Daisy! I just wanted to say hi and tell you how happy I am with my human Summer that you gave to me.  Remember how timid I always was? Well Summer has worked with me so much and she is so good and patient with me that I'm really brave now! Shhhhh don't tell my Summer but men do still scare me. But I don't run from them anymore, I bark really loud and super tough and scary and I stand in front of my Summer instead of running behind her like I use to. I figure if I look tough and sound tough before I give them a chance to even notice me, they will know better then to try to pet me or try to smile at Summer. After all, Summer is mine I'm not letting any of those guys think they can take her from me.

We have a great home with no stairs, so my legs feel great and Summer has a lady come see me and she has needles that make me feel so good. I love to run and jump, even though my legs are not like other dogs.  Summer says when I play, I look like bucking poney because when I run and jump my back legs move together instead of separately like other dogs. It makes her laugh and smile, and when I hear her laugh, I jump more and in circles just for her. Summer says I'm a dancer. Summer is my partner and the very best human. Thank you for finding her for me. I'm a very thankful dog!
Summer Kirby
Before (7/21/2009)

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