Monday, July 25, 2011

A Note from Huey's Foster Mommy!

Hi!  I'm Huey's foster mom.  And I've got to tell you, Huey is the best dog ever!  I always say to him, "I can't believe someone hasn't adopted you yet."  He is such a good dog.  He likes to follow me from room to room and just be near me.  He watches everything that goes on in the house, and can almost always anticipate my next move.  He will flop down somewhere where he can see everything but is not underfoot.  His favorite spots are somewhere soft, and squishy.  He really likes blankets because they can be pawed into the position he wants them.

Huey is still very much a puppy and wants to play.  He gets the crazies every couple of days where he will pick up a toy and throw it around, jumping and pouncing on it.  Sometimes he will get so wound up he chases his tail...and he will usually catch it!  Watching, "The Dog Whisperer" is one of his favorite things to do!  As soon as a dog on TV barks, he becomes transfixed.  I make him stay on the couch next to me and just watch.  No barking back at the dogs or trying to get inside the TV is allowed...he just trembles with excitement.   I think he would love to have a playmate; a dog who would wrestle and run around the yard with him would be great.  I also think he might like to be adopted by someone who runs.  Huey likes to explore on our walks and always wants to check things out. He does great on a retractable leash and loves to stop and sniff and then will shoot ahead in a gallop.

Shannon & Christie think Huey might have some Beagle in him, and I agree.  Huey is very talkative like a Beagle.  He will start out with a groan that turns into a yawn and becomes a yowl.  There are different sounds for different things..."I want to play" noises...or "let me out of the crate" noises.  Everything has a unique sound!  I only pay attention to his sounds half the time because if he figures out that "talking" to me will get him what he wants he will never stop!

Huey is a good dog, who never causes me any trouble.  He is a wonderful companion who will bring someone lots of love and happiness.

If you are interested in making this sweet boy a part of your family please email us!

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