Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Success Story - Dags

Formerly "Eli"

Dags is loving life. He is a playful loving puppy. His little big sister Sadey has him wrapped around her paw, while he has us wrapped around his. His favorite place to sleep is between us perpendicular. Which usually makes for a very uncomfortable night for us, but he is so cuddly and loving we can’t bear to tell him no. He has learned a lot of tricks, but his favorite is Hi-Five. He does this anytime food is out (even if it is not for him.) He loves chasing the birds in the sky and bouncing all over. Recently he got to go on his first camping trip to Lake McConaughy where we truly learned his love of water. Although we had our suspicions when we found him belly deep in my parents coy pond on numerous occasions. He has also grown very fond of taking car rides and shows his appreciation by placing his head on our shoulders and pushing down. He gives us the best hugs and kisses! Dags is such a blessing to our little family and we could not imagine life without him. He brings joy to us in ways unimaginable. We look forward to all the years we get to spend laughing at his silly antics and sweet personality.
-Josh & Liz Martin

 Dags & Sadey
 Dags loving the water!
Such tired babies!

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