Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Success Story - Andy

Current (4/6/11)

We met Andy on Oct 11, 2008 at a Pet Smart adoption event. His history was a little sad. He came from a farm where he had a job ... watch the goats. Andy became curious about the cows and took a run, chasing the cows in the field. The farmer decided Andy could not stay and took him to a Vet to have him put down. The Vet declined (thank goodness) and turned Andy over to Dawn Meaney from the Colorado Great Pyrenees Rescue.

We did not expect to return home with an older Pyrenees (3-4yrs). We went to the event to look at a puppy.  After a brief walk with the energetic puppy we were undecided. We then decided we would wait to adopt another puppy when available. While we were speaking with Dawn a huge furry ball walked in-between my husband and I ..... he leaned against my husbands leg then mine. He had picked us!!

Andy has been a wonderful family member. He had a lot of adjusting coming from farm life to city life.  We had a lot of adjusting taking in a new (big, furry) dog. He had issues with the TV and seeing his reflection in doors and windows.

He is now a happy boy with lots of love, walks, training, treats and sleeping the day away!

-Pam Apell

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