Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Success Story - Cooper

Formerly "Clyde"

Clyde is now named Cooper. He has gained a lot of weight and almost all his hair has grown back in. He is such a great addition to the family and is now best buds with our other big dog. Thanks once again for giving us the opportunity to adopt this wonderful dog.
-The Larkins, December 2010

Before (9/04/2010)
Clyde's arrival at CGPR
Clyde during transport to CGPR (9/4/2010)

Original Rescue Photo (8/20/2010)
Lawton Oklahoma, rescued by Doreen Thomas
Check out Clyde's story before he got to us here!

When Clyde was first rescued, he had SEVERE Sarcoptic Mange (as you can see in the photos above)! He was completely covered with fleas and other various sores.  Even through all his suffering, this sweet boy wagged his naked little tail through his whole exam.  He was heartworm negative and thin, but did weigh 78.9 lbs.  Getting Clyde back on the road to good health cost over $1,000.

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