Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My name is Kobee...Won't you please adopt me?

Is it snuggle time yet?
Such a happy boy!
Just waiting on you to take me home forever...
This is me (left) and my friend Annie as my foster daddy left for work
I'm pretty cute, huh?

Kobee is a handsome Pyr/Shepherd mix who came to us from Joplin, MO in February of last year (2010).  Someone knew he had a chance, pulled him out of the pound, and put him in a boarding kennel to save his life until we could come get him.

This sweet baby was heartworm positive when he got to us in Colorado.  He went to a foster home who helped him through his treatment and get all better!

His foster family decided to adopt him in December of last year, and he has been living with them ever since.  More recently, his family's circumstances have changed and, while a very hard decision, they feel like it is in Kobee's best interest for him to be able to live with a family where he will get the attention they know he so deserves.

His current foster daddy say that he is a VERY smart boy and pretty obedient for a Pyr...and a big snuggler!  He is a big goofball too...and will make you laugh!

Kobee's Ideal Home
Kobee would do best in a calm environment.  He would like a person or family who likes to go for walks, hikes...and maybe even a run (not a normal Pyr thing)...basically whatever you want to do, Kobee just wants to tag along and be by your side.  He is a good size, and a real cuddle bear, so he hopes you might save a little spot in the bed for him!

If you are interested in meeting Kobee and/or making him part of your family, please email us and let us know!  He would LOVE to meet you!


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