Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Dog Owner's New Year's Resolutions

  1. I will take you on more walks, or make our current walks longer.
  2. I will dedicate more time to brushing you and giving you baths.
  3. I will commit to trimming your nails more often.
  4. I will be sure I am cleaning your beautiful ears weekly.
  5. I will review your vet records and ensure you are up-to-date on annual bloodwork.
  6. I will be sure to give you your heartworm preventative the same time, every month.
  7. I will think of at least 1 new place I can take you with me to.
  8. I will be sure your collar is sturdy and well-fitting, and if not I will purchase you a new one.
  9. I will spend more time on your training, and focus on that "thing" that I still let you get away with.
  10. I will address your weight, and ensure I am not over or under feeding you.
  11. I will talk to my vet about natural supplements I can be giving you to support you as you age.
  12. I will give you more fresh veggies and fruits as treats.
  13. I will read up on your breed, and educate myself on any health predispositions you may face one day.
  14. I will remind myself again, how this dog is mine to care for, for *forever*.
  15. I will ensure I give 1 extra kiss and 1 extra hug each day.
by Shannon Murphy

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