Thursday, January 26, 2012

DENVER Pyrenees Needs Your Help!

Please click on this link to view this amazing, beautiful boy.  He lifts his lip to smile, asking you to clearly see how amazing he is.  Please see our cross-posting below.  Please forward this to anyone you know with a big heart and some space for a foster.  If you decide to foster this guy for Saving Giants, let us know.  We will do EVERYTHING in our power to help you get exposure for him, to help him find a forever home.

This gorgeous guy is at the Denver shelter. A crummy place for any dog,but especially a big, gorgeous Pyr.  Saving Giants, a new large breed rescue, said they'd take him IF they had a foster - which they don't.
So, if any rescue can take him or if anyone knows of a foster please let me know.
Emily Wolf

Important information from Jennifer, who works locally in rescue:

"Rescue details for ID#A174771 2 yo Great Pyr in Denver: His intake date is is 1/23 so Denver has to hold him until 1/28 by law for his owner to come and reclaim him. At which point he will go go on 1 of 3 lists 1. Adoptable floor (highly unlikely) 2. Rescue list (likley) and will have 10 days to be transfered out of the shelter so he will need to be rescued by 2/7 3. The Euth list which we never see or hear anything about. I met him yesterday and he seemed a bit unhappy, restless, naturally! His kennel card read "DO NOT WALK" with a side note that say's he bites, I don't know if that is fact or fiction? I have access to the rescue side if anyone wants to meet him after 1/28 and he ends up on the rescue list."
If you'd like to be put in touch with Jennifer regarding this dog, please email us at

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