Monday, January 30, 2012

Join Team Pyrfect Paws!

Spring is around the corner, and we know what that means!  It means they'll be a ton of great events to gather for, to help support charitable causes!

From the Denver Dumb Friends League "Furry Scurry" and other charitable walks, to chili cook-offs and the like, there are a lot of great opportunities for us to get all our big, white angels together!   If you don't have a Pyrenees, no worries!  Join Pyrfect Paws just to be a presence yourself, or bring any and all other dogs you  have!  Spread the word!

What better opportunity to rub elbows with all the local Pyrenees owners, share anecdotes and experiences, all while raising money for a great, local cause!

If you are interested in getting on our list as a possible team member, please email and let us know!  You are under no obligation to meet up, and of course it costs nothing to be a part of our great team! 

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