Thursday, January 19, 2012

Helping Casper

We were forwarded this cross-post of a dog in need in Tennessee.  Below is his story, as well as his pictures (which are hard to look at, warning you now.)  Please forward Casper's story to anyone who can help with a donation.  They are saying Pyr mix, but to me this looks like a true Pyr.  Casper has just been so malnourished that he didn't get to grow up like he should have.

Casper is a 10 year old Pyr mix that Samantha and I rescued 2 days ago from a neglected home. Casper never been at the vet 10 years. He is not neutered and he is HW +, he was infested with fleas and he has lyme disease, he also has a 2 tumors one the size of a orange and it is so infected and bleeding and an ear infection. He has a UTI and he has some hair loss due to poor nutrition and living conditions. He is at our vet at this time getting all well; he got a medicated bath and he is in antibiotics and  however he can't have his tumor removed until he gets strong and a little more healthy. He is only 36 pounds and he should need to gain a few more pounds.

At this time his bill is $360.00 we still need to due the tumor removal that will be around $400 but the Dr. can't do it until he gets better.

If you will like to donate towards Casper vet bill please call:

Donna at:
Old Hickory Plaza at
Nashville, TN

A note from CGPRC blog: (I removed Donna's phone number, because I don't know her or have her permission to post it.  I would suggest contacting the SPCA of TN as below)

Thank you,
Celina Weissenborn

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