Sunday, September 16, 2012

Henry: Success Story!

Look how handsome I am after a trip to the groomer!
"Hey, why is your head shaved?"
Henry and his new sister, Mia!

Henry's long chapter of rescue, medical treatment, and finally finding a forever home has come to a close... Henry went home to his "forever family" yesterday!  Henry will live his wonderful life in the care of a family who adopted a Great Pyrenees girl from Dawn a couple of years ago.  Experienced with the breed and willing to take on a deaf dog, we knew that Henry had found his perfect home the day he met them.  Henry had never tried to play with anyone, before.  Upon meeting his potential new "sister" dog, he play-stanced and loved her.  He also thought it quite appropriate to make himself at home that day, wandering the yard and feeling it was "his" home to enter and explore.  His potential family worked with us through weeks and weeks of care, showing great patience, as they waited to learn this wonderful boy could be theirs.  I don't know who is luckier, them or Henry.

He was in rescue with us for quite some time.  We had no idea what medical conditions Henry came with, only that he stared at us from behind the shelter bars and said, "I'm a good boy.  Can you make the pain stop?"  The shelter said he was mean, and when he met us he said, "I'm not.  I'm just smart and I know who I can trust."  Never raising an eyebrow, or retracting from a hug, Henry stepped forward and told us that he was amazing.  The shelter prepared us for an aggressive dog, and he welcomed us with a head nudge and a plea for more kisses.

Henry received AMAZING donations that SAVED HIS LIFE.  Through all your generous support, his ear surgery was paid for, as well as all his other diagnostics to ensure he was fully healthy.  We didn't know what we were going to do:  this amazing dog we rescued, no money in the bank, but we had to say "yes" to treating him.  We were afraid we'd never find the money.. and then came YOU.

Henry's story is filled with many, many names.  Names of so many who gave so much, to help pay his bills and offer moral support.  Sometimes people can question, "Why spend so much money to save 1 dog?"  Our answer:  Every great dog is worth saving.

He was, and will always be, the reason people rescue.  An amazing boy.. smart, affectionate. Perfect.  The only thing not perfect about Henry was his history.. a stray who found himself in a shelter facing a grim fate.  A dog who wandered as a stray with ears so badly infected that he could hardly remember life without pain.  A skinny dog, who perhaps never knew what it felt like to feel full.

We would do it all, all over again, even if someone told me he only had 1 week left to live.  He is amazing, and he deserves to know a painless life full of love.  I wish a picture could capture his spirit, his courage, his forgiving nature.  Henry knew pain for years, and still never refused a kiss to his painful head.. never refused a hug from a baby.  He trusted us to ensure his life would be forever changed, forever improved. 

I wish we could all be more like Henry.

Thank you, THANK YOU, to everyone who supported saving this precious life.  We will NEVER forget your support and generosity.

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