Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Available for Adoption: Peter

Peter is a small, mixed breed dog estimated to be between 5-7 years old.  He came to us from a cruelty seizure in Texas:  Original Seizure Blog

The rescuers who passed this sweet boy to us thought he was  Pyrenees mix, but he is very petite (50 pounds) and looks like a minature lab/akbash mixed dog.  He was heartworm positive, but received his treatment and is now in recovery!  (Thank you to a very special woman who paid for that entire cost herself.. she knows who she is)

When we met Peter, he was infested with horrible, huge ticks.  He was shy and afraid, and behaved as if he had never even been outside before.  It broke our hearts, but not for long.. because he is doing so well!

He has made great strides in coming out of his shell! In his first foster home, he showed some confusion about where to potty, but in his new foster he has been an angel!  He uses the doggie door and is a perfect gentleman!  He paws his foster mom for snuggles, and is happy and enthusiastic. He can still be shy at times, but the world is a big, huge place he hasn't properly experienced before! She can't say enough amazing things about him!  He doesn't bark, chew, nothing naughty at all!  She says he is the easiest foster she has ever had!  He is great on a leash and great in the car.

He is up-to-date on core vaccines, neutered, and received blood work before his heartworm treatment which revealed him to be internally healthy. 

His ideal home isn't unlike that for many dogs: love, attention, and the time to dedicate to keeping his activity low for the next few months as he continues to recover from being heartworm positive. The family will also need to understand he is an older pup, who will need regular vet visits. This is true about all dogs, but our older dogs should be seeing a doc twice a year. Peter also needs a dental, as we believe he has spent years locked in a kennel.  He has chewed away at his canine teeth, and his other teeth are not healthy and will likely require several teeth to be removed down the line.

He is a sweet, gentle soul who has a second chance at life, if there is someone out there able to provide that for him.  We are hoping there is someone out there with the time and love to give Peter the life he has never known.  He is amazing with all forms of life.. other dogs, cats, and humans.  He really just is looking for his soul mate family, and he believes they are out there somewhere!

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